The Need For Pan African Girl Child Education Campaign

Pan African Girl Child Education Foundation is a Non-government Organization established to stimulate international policy debate on the problems   of Girl Child Education all over Africa, especially in the rural areas.

We find this prevalent neglect of the educational and other needs of the girl child totally unacceptable and are determined to take the necessary actions, in conjunction with other stakeholders, to stop this practice on the continent of Africa.

Pan African Girl Child Education campaign (PAGCEC) was officially flagged-off in Nigeria at the International Conference Centre, Abuja on 23rd March, 2015, with the “Aims to Support, Contribute and Sponsor over 100,000 Girl Children in Nigeria and other African Countries to acquire qualitative and quantitative education”.  This is to ensure that girl children achieve their educational pursuits to enable them build their leadership potentials and contribute to the development of African continent.

It is difficult to trace all the plans and conversations that led to the joint efforts on tackling Pan African Girl Child Educational Problems.  Like many other similar ideas, it grew out of both a series of informal conversations over many formal and informal discussions during meetings.  The passionate contributions of many people and institutions coalesced to cultivate the networks, connections and intellectual curiosity required to found this foundation.

Now, with its rapidly growing membership strength, composed of very successful and notable leaders from all works of life, the PAGCEF has become one of the triumvirates of the practice, research, and teaching on matters relating to Women empowerment and emancipation, especially the girl child.   It is hoped that more individuals and organizations will join us to promote this course.

Now, the challenge is that of the transition from incremental progress to transformative impact on a larger society.  This requires aligning and scaling up corporate sustainability efforts and partnerships on a massive scale.  The official flag off of PAN AFRICAN GIRL CHILD EDUCATION CAMPAIGN has put forward this new ideology and began a process of engaging business participants and key stakeholders in Human Capital Development in Africa, a Project we envisage to cut across the entire length and breadth of the African continent. With this mandate, we know for sure that, good spirited individuals and organizations will continue to support our collective dreams, especially, in promoting girl child education.