1. Advocate for Girl Child Education in Africa through Public Sensitization Campaign;
  2. Encourage and facilitate both National and International Educational Exchange Programmes for Students, with special focus on girl child;

3. Organize both Local and International Excursions, Sporting Competitions and other extra-curricular activities to rejuvenate the mental alertness of Students;

4. Organize Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Debates, Workshops, and Quiz Competitions for Students to promote Educational Excellence;

5. Publish Books, Journals, Magazines and other Educational Materials in support of Girl Child Education in Africa;

6. Work in partnership with other organizations having the same aims in realization of the overall Vision and Mission of this Foundation; and

7. Solicit for funds from both Local and International donor Agencies and Individuals, in support of Girl Child Education by providing scholarships and educational materials for students.